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Calculator Pricing Overview

Zones to Zones

Special rate for customers transferring between Zones – eg North to South City.

Postal Code to Zones

Special Rate from a specific postal code to a Zone.

Out of hours Pricing

Apply tarrifs for night-time or weekend trips.


Airport to Zones

Regular trip from Airport to specific ‘zones’ – eg City Centre.

Airport to Postal Code

Regular trip from Airport to a specific Postal Code.

Car Radius Pricing

ESet per mile/km to cover time costs over distance.


Airport to Airport

Special rate for customers transferring between Airports.

Postal to Postal code

Special rates between specified postal codes.

Vehicle Pricing Setup

Apply specific rates per car type.


Admin Panels

  • Bookings Panel >

    The bookings panel provides a high-level and compact display of Fare Booking requests as they enter the system. 
  • Admin Prices >

    To allow for flexible pricing options, rates are added per VEHICLE type and across a variety of journey types.
  • Admin Clients >

    The Admin Clients panel provides a register of Client details. Both Taxi Company and Client users can easily update useful
  • Vehicles & Drivers >

    Store Taxi Driver details and Vehicle descriptions. Taxi Driver and Taxi Vehicle info can later be assigned to individual bookings.
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Software Benefits

With increasing demand for Customers to book airport transfers and private taxi-hire services online, FARE BOOKINGS fare calculator and booking system provides a clear solution to this demand. The attractive layout and logical workflow ensures that visitors can navigate easily through the process and complete their taxi-booking with ease.

Software Features

The specific features behind the software of Private Taxi-Hire and Airport Transfer Fare Calculator allows for easy integration to any website. 
iFrame or ajax based, the calculator can be incorporated onto your existing site as a natural part of the website build, whether new or existing. Click here to see all the features